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FALL 2024 Semester

DOLCE (Beginner level) &
VIVACE (Beginner Intermediate level)

AGES 8-12



NOTE: Hotmail email accounts have in the past been problematic for communications. If you can use a different account preferrably gmail that would be helpfu,l and ensure we receive your application. Thank you!


Dual Enrollment allows students to attend a college while also enrolled in their elementary, middle or
high school.

In this case, a partnership exists between a school

district and Cabrillo College for singers to attend

CYC and the fee for singers will be a material

fee of $25 for the semester.

What is Dual Enrollment?


Part 1  Applying to Cabrillo College


Complete a hard copy Cabrillo College application (PDF form).


Download the two page application and fill it out (on paper).
Scan application or take a photo of each page and submit the application by email to the Cabrillo Welcome Center at

NOTE: The application has pre-marked red X areas checked off for you and some fields are marked are not applicable. 

Once the Cabrillo College application form has been submitted there is a process time of up to 5 days.


As a result, you will receive an approval email from Cabrillo College with an issued Cabrillo Student ID# for your singer.

NOTE: The approval email from Cabrillo College will have NEXT STEP instructions please do not follow these steps listed.


Download and sign the Cabrillo Dual Enrollment Signature form.

This form requires a parent signature and a signature from the student's current school they are enrolled in, i.e. Principal or Executive Administrator. Course is MUS-64 Cantiamo Cabrillo.

After you have a signed Dual Enrollment form, you will upload
this form later in the Cabrillo registration process.


Uploading your Dual Enrollment Form

NOTE: Step 2 only works after your singer has been approved for the semester by completing step 1.


You will need your issued Cabrillo Student ID# .

At the end of this registration you will attach your signed Dual Enrollment form.

Part 2  Registering for your Class

You will need your issued Cabrillo Student ID# .


Registering for your semester class only works after your singer has uploaded their dual enrollment form and received an approval email from Cabrillo College.

Approval Notice Example:

CYC is here to assist you through the application process and answer questions.

The application process is a bit lengthy, but the program cost for one semester is $25 (material fee). 

CYC is happy to help, please email we will return your inquiry within a day.

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