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Plan your Course

PLANNING is just choosing the CYC course (class) in your MyCabrillo account.

You will  find your course 
and add
it to the semester term you will be attending.


Cabrillo College
Course Registration


NOTE: In order to plan and register your course you must already have uploaded your Dual Enrollment form on your My Cabrillo account.

VOICE CAMP: Course Specific Abbreviation:  MUS-36-01

Full Course Name: MUS-36 Chorale


FALL & SPRING: Course Specific Abbreviation:  MUS-64-01

Full Course Name: MUS-64 Cantiamo Cabrillo

Below is a direct link to the Student Planning page in MyCabrillo.


A video link is also listed below to assist you, you can bypass the first video steps by clicking this link below.

STUDENT PLANNING  link HERE  then login.


SCHEDULING is choosing the day and time the class is offered in MyCabrillo and the video it is referred to as SECTIONS.


NOTE: Dolce & Vivace is on Tuesdays at 4 -5:30pm 

regardless of what the section says on MyCabrillo student planning.

NOTE: Allegria & Con Brio is on Wednesdays at 4-5:30pm 

regardless of what the section says on MyCabrillo student planning.

(1) Click on this link: Cabrillo Registration page

(2) Login.

Use the student's  birthdate in six-digit format (mmddyy) as the Password or use a password you created it in the past.

(3) Mid-page you will see a Register Now prompt and button.








Click on the Register button to the right and the following         window will open,



Select MUS-36-01 and click the Register button.


FOR FALL & SPRING Semesters:

Select MUS-64-01 and click the Register button.











You will receive an approval registration message.


















You will also receive an email from Cabrillo with an acknowledgement of your recent registration activity.


CYC registration is complete.

register now copy.png
NOTE: If you don't see the "registration" button, please check back a few weeks before class is scheduled to begin. If you still don't see it then, please send an email to
CYC is here to assist you through the application process and answer questions.

The application process is a bit lengthy, but the program cost for one semester is $25 (material fee). 

CYC is happy to help, please email we will return your inquiry within a day.



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