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Educating, developing, and inspiring young singers for over 25 years.

CYC is about having fun, being challenged, and in the process CYC offers singers a

wonderful education with skills that last a lifetime.

• Singing beautiful, quality music with the best possible tone and expressiveness

• Focus on vocal production and technique

• Reading music through the study and application of music theory

• Application of music history as it relates to style and genre of music

• Exploration of global cultures and geography through music literature

• Exposure to experts in the arts through the Visiting Artist Program

• Learning by making music with symphony conductors and professional musicians and composers

• Demonstration of knowledge and experience in the arts through public speaking

Dana Gioia, Morton Lauridsen, and Cheryl Anderson
Poet Dana Gioia, composor Morton Lauridsen, and CYC Director Cheryl Anderson
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