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Instructions for
Uploading your
Dual Enrollment

NOTE: Singers need to be approved with a Cabrillo Student ID number for this next section.

(1) Go to this link Cabrillo Dual Enrollment Upload

     which takes you to the My Cabrillo login page


NOTE: If this is their first time logging in, use the student's birthdate in six-digit format (mmddyy) as the Password or use a password you created it in the past.

(2) Once logged in you will be directed to the eTrieve Central Dual Enrollment Upload page.



(3) Choose from the Dual Enrollment pathways drop-down menu under "I am registering as:” 


(4) SCROLL DOWN on this section enter your singer's information including school, grade, and term.

- Choose your term FA (Fall), SP (Spring), SU (Summer)



(5) FOR FALL & SPRING semesters: 

     Select MUS for subject and MUS‐64 Cantiamo as course. 



    FOR VOICE CAMP summer program:

    Select MUS for subject and MUS‐36 Chorale as course. 

(6) Scroll down and click the box 


(7) Time to attach your Dual Enrollment signed form from Step 1 to your online application by using the "Attachment" tool on the bottom of the eForm.

Make sure to click "Submit" 

You will receive an email from Etrieve Flow Notification letting you know your singer has been approved.




















DONE - you have completed your Dual Enrollment form attachment.

Once Cabrillo Admissions & Records processes your Dual Enrollment form, they will send you an email.

You will then be able to plan/schedule and register your singer for the 

Fall/ Spring semester MUS‐64 Cantiamo class 


Voice Camp MUS-36 Chorale



CYC is here to assist you through the application process and answer questions.

The application process is a bit lengthy, but the program cost for one semester is $25 (material fee). 

CYC is happy to help, please email we will return your inquiry within a day.

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