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Ages 14-18 

NOTE: Hotmail email accounts have in the past been problematic for communications. If you can use a different account preferrably gmail that would be helpfu,l and ensure we receive your application. Thank you!


What is a CCC account?

CCC stands for California Community Colleges.


In order to attend any California college you must first have an Open CCC account.


The Open CCC account issues you a college number to apply to Cabrillo College.


Part 1


Download and sign the Cabrillo Dual Enrollment Signature form.

This form requires a parent signature and a signature for a the student't current school they are enrolled in, i.e. Principal or Executive Administrator. 

While you are waiting for the form to be signed you can move onto Step 2, where you will eventually upload your signed form.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment allows students to attend a college while also enrolled in their elementary, middle or high school.

In this case, a partnership exists between a school district and Cabrillo College for singers to attend CYC and the fee for singers will be a material

fee of $25 for the semester.

Open CCC Account 

1) If your singer is 14 or older, create an Open CCC account. The process is an easy and takes minutes to create.

NOTE: Write down your user name, password and PIN number that you create in the process.

If your singer already has an OpenCCC account, then click HERE.

You may see a security check window

2)  Click "Create an Account" ‐ or if your singer already has an                 OpenCCC account, click on the "Sign In" button and file an application for the semester you want (Fall for Fall 2022 CYC).



If you need additional step by step instructions please click this button to watch a video:



3) Once you have completed this process you will receive a CCC ID number.

4) Now you are granted to apply to Cabrillo College, click on the Continue button and follow the step-by-step application.

5) Approval notice:

 6) You received your approval email from Cabrillo with a Cabrillo Student ID number, now you can upload your Dual Enrollment Form and register for the CYC class.


Part 2  Registering for your Class

You will need your issued Cabrillo Student ID# .


Registering for your semester class only works after your singer has uploaded their dual enrollment form and received an approval email from Cabrillo College.

VOICE CAMP planning section choose MUS-36 Chorale.

Approval Notice Example:

CYC is here to assist you through the application process and answer questions.

The application process is a bit lengthier, but the program cost for one semester is $25 (material fee). 

CYC is happy to help, please email and we will return your inquiry within a day.

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